Salt Angler Tools

  • SADLP9_Salt Anglers Double Leverage Plier copy.jpg
  • SAS7C_Salt Anglers Side Cutter copy.jpg
  • SAHDSRP_Salt Anglers HD Split Ring Pliers copy.jpg
  • SACP8 copy.jpg
  • SADLC8_Salt Anglers Double Leverage Cutter copy.jpg
  • SACP11_11inchSaltAnglersPliers copy.jpg
  • SAMSH_Salt Anglers Mono Shears copy.jpg
  • SASTF_Salt Anglers Straight Fillet Knife_Sheath copy.jpg
  • SASF_Salt Anglers Slim Fillet Knife_Sheath copy.jpg
  • SACP8-B_Salt Anglers Pliers copy.jpg
  • SMTH3_SaltAnglers3PlaceHolder copy.jpg
  • SRSD-1_SaltSuperLineScissorsBulk copy.jpg
  • SACF10_SaltAnglersCurvedFillet_wSheath copy.jpg
  • SRHCF4_SaltAnglersHookFile copy.jpg
  • SAGL_Salt Anglers Glove copy.jpg
  • SRLS_SaltSuperLineScissors copy.jpg
  • We're known for our 80 year history of making some of the most popular baits in the world, but we also make some of the best fishing tools and accessories on the market. Now we're pleased to be introducing a brand new range of tools and accessories designed to withstand the harsh environment in which saltwater anglers live and breathe. The new Rapala Salt Angler tools offer unmatched corrosion resistance thanks to new chemical treating processes throughout the manufacturing run. The range consists of everything from braid scissors to double leverage side cutters and pliers for those big jobs on the deep blue. It also includes 6 different knives ranging from a 6” slim fillet through to the giant 12” curved blade just in case you catch that fish you’ve always dreamed of. Finished with classy white and grey soft touch moulded handles the new range of Rapala Salt Angler tools and accessories will have you decked out like the best and ready to tackle the high seas in style.   
  • • 23 different models within the Salt Angler range
    • Anti-corrosion treatment designed for harsh saltwater enviroments
    • Soft touch anti-slip handles
    • Double leverage design 
    • Designed for the demanding salt water angler

  • • SACP11 | 11" Salt Angler Pliers
    • SACP6 | 6.5" Salt Angler Pliers
    • SACP6-B | 6.5" Salt Angler Pliers Bulk Pack
    SACP8 | 8.5" Salt Angler Pliers
    SACP8-B | 8.5" Salt Angler Pliers Bulk Pack
    SAHDSRP | Salt Angler Heavy Duty Split Ring Pliers
    • SADLC8 | Salt Angler Double Leverage Cutters
    • SADLP9 | Salt Angler Double Leverage Pliers

    • SAGL/XL | Salt Angler Fillet Glove
    • SAS7C | 7" Salt Angler Side Cutters
    • SRLS | Salt Angler Superline Scissor
    • SRSD-1 | Salt Angler Superline Scissor Bulk Pack
    • SRHCF4 | Salt Angler Hook File
    • SAMSH | Salt Angler Mono Shears
    • SMTH3 | Salt Angler Magnetic Tool Holder

    SACF10/12 | Salt Angler Curved Fillet Knife
    • SASTF6/8 | Salt Angler Straight Fillet Knife
    • SASF6/8 | Salt Angler Slim Fillet Knife

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