Rapala Australia


Hardcore enthusiasts favour ultra light no matter the prey. And they'll use any lure, any colour... as long as it's Rapala. And the Mini Fat Rap is a No. 1 choice for ultra light anglers. Open water and skittish fish are no match for the Mini Fat Rap series. Even on the slowest of days the tight swimming anction has proven quite effective when everything else fails.

Colour Range


Mini Fat Rap

  • Compact Body Design
  • Balsa Body
  • Tight Swimming Action
  • Shallow Running Lip
  • Life-Like & Attractor Patterns
  • VMC Treble Hooks
  • Hand Tuned & Tank Tested
  • Casting & Trolling
  • SPECIES: Bream, Bass, Trout, Flathead, Tailor
  • TECHNIQUE: Casting & Trolling
  • RUNNING DEPTH: 0.9 - 1.8m
  • ENVIRONMENT: Estuary & Freshwater


Model NumberBody LengthWeightTreble Hooks
MFR033cm4gTwo No. 12


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